Welcome to piecemovement 

I’m a quilter, crafter, dreamer, doer. My earliest memories are woven with textiles and color. They brighten my present and light up my future. Can you relate? 

I learned the magic potential of cloth, needle and thread from my mother (who can sew just about anything.)

I discovered patience & art sitting in church services from a very young age, passing time by reading hymnals and memorizing stained glass windows. I still journal and draw in the worship bulletins. My brain runs on song lyrics and metaphors. 

I’ve lived in the United States from top to bottom and sea to shining sea: 12+ years in San Francisco, 10 in NYC and my soccer mom tour of duty in Atlanta, GA. I was born in Oklahoma, but I’m from – and forever a citizen of – George West, a little town in South Texas.

A friend recently called me an artist/activist, but I call myself a piece mover. Examining my pieces and putting them together is my daily liturgy of hope. 

I aim to spend the rest of my life solving the “puzzles” that I find in my stash, and I hope to meet you on the journey. All pieces and people are welcome!

Catherine (also known by my creative alias, Cloudy Cate)